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No distributors.
No, really.

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How Big Is the U.S. Restaurant Industry?

Restaurants and eateries
Restaurant industry sales in 2019
Food distributors combined annual sales

Rgand is the first global online marketplace that provides direct trade marketplace connecting producers worldwide and the U.S. Foodservice industry

Why Rgand?

Introducing the New Go-to-Market Model for Producers and Manufacturers

Selling to Restaurants and Food Buyers Has Never Been So Painless

  • No Distributors
  • No Wholesalers
  • No Broadliners

No, really

Imagine a World Where

You Trade Directly with the Buyer.

You and Them.

Nobody In Between.

We Provide the Platform — You Trade.

Rgand Does Not Buy from You - End Buyers Do.

This is Rgand.com.

Grow your sales on Rgand.com - use our platform and learn from us the best practices in global trading


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Everything You Need For Your Business Is Here

What You Can Find on Rgand

Everything You Need For Your Business Is Here

Hotel & SPA Textile
Hotel & SPA Textile
Janitorial / Sanitation
Janitorial / Sanitation
Food and Beverage
Food &  and  Beverage s
Equipment & Supplies
Rgand Marketplace Mission

Changing the Rules of the Industry

Rovshan Rasulov
Founder and CEO Rgand

In our industrial world, people producing food and people who buy it were relying on a complex and costly distribution system. Food producers and buyers paid to the chain of multiple firms to move the food from warehouse to warehouse.

For many decades distribution controlled and dictated its rules to the entire marketplace.

Not anymore.

Rgand Marketplace brings freedom of connection between the restaurant owners, families, catering businesses, and the food producers.

Rgand will be the only place you need to buy food & supplies