What Status Quo Is Rgand Disrupting?

The traditional processes around food supply chain are opaque and stressful.

Historically, due to the inconvenience of long-distance shipping and inefficiency of dealing with many small buyers, food manufacturers have become dependent on distributors or wholesalers to find the buyers and make sales.

Rgand.com CEO, Rovshan Rasulov, set out to change that.

Changing the Rules of the Industry.

Message from Rovshan Rasulov, Rgand CEO & Founder

Working for 25 years in food purchasing and wholesale, I saw how hard the restaurant and food catering owners work and how much they depend on suppliers and distributors. In traditional distributor-dependent way of doing business there is so much pain, inefficiencies, and disbalance of power. Now that I am running a successful custom software development enterprise, I decided to do something about it.

Rgand Marketplace Mission

Rgand is on a mission to revolutionize foodservice industry supply chain, to restructure and streamline its end-to-end process.

For many decades, distributors controlled and dictated their rules to the entire market.

Not anymore.

We are singularly focused on changing the way the foodservice facilities get their supplies. Step by step, we are disassembling the old infrastructure and replacing it with innovative & enabling modern technologies.

We've accelerated this process and our goal is to eliminate unnecessary costs, dependence on intermediaries in sales, and save participants’ time.

Our efficiency not only simplifies the procurement process, it also offers the best prices and guarantees the growth of your business.

Freedom and Profits

Rgand Marketplace brings freedom of connection between the restaurant owners, families, catering businesses, and the producers.

By giving the world Rgand.com, we offer to millions of restaurant owners and food buyers in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East a better, a more convenient way to buy. By letting producers sell direct without middlemen, it also helps producers who put their blood and sweat into growing food and raising livestock be able to keep more profits rather than sharing it with the distribution networks.

That’s why Rgand.com was created: to be a convenient and less expensive B2B online marketplace for foodservice Buyers, and an empowering marketplace for Producers, who desire to sell globally, however, today are limited by the distributors.

It is time to trade independently and directly - no more middlemen.