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Sample Box Marathon Starting on April 1

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Why Rgand Sample Box Marathon?

Sample Box Marathon is the 1st touchpoint for producers and restaurants towards direct trade without the middleman.
Don’t run after distributors to let the restaurants try your samples. Send samples to an automated samples delivery program with Rgand. Secure more direct buyers.
COVID put restaurants on the brink of closing: they now need to save money anywhere they can. Direct-from-producer prices help spend less on the restaurants’ biggest expense - wholesale food and help survive.

Discover Direct Trade Wholesale Marketplace

How Can Rgand Sample Box Marathon Help You?

The Best Free Discovery of New Restaurant Supplier Brands

Restaurants can try food samples for free

After receiving a Sample Box, provide product reviews to receive more samples.

Freedom to Choose Wholesale Suppliers.

Rgand.com is a direct trade platform Rgand doesn`t force producers to sell under private label and does not limit or restrict your choices.

Make Your Own Choices

Discover New Supplier Brands.

Food and equipment manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad sign up to sell to restaurants and food establishments with their own brand.

Discover Previously-Hidden Brands

Direct-from-Producer Samples.

After trying samples, restaurants can order directly from producers of their choice and enjoy direct-from-manufacturer prices, sales, and discounts.

Try Before You Buy
For Restaurants

The Best Market Entry and Growth for Restaurant Supplier Brands

Have your products promoted in up to 26,385 sales locations.

No more expensive showrooms and exhibitions.

Be Discovered by Thousands of New Buyers, Directly.

Just $2.49/restaurant. Your biggest promotion ever. 

Grab Buyers’ Attention

Fair and Most Effective Marketing.

Launch a direct-to-restaurant revenue channel and establish your own brand by eliminating costly middlemen.

Save on Distributors and Trade Shows

Product Reviews from End Users.

Take an unprecedented opportunity for market insight with valuable reviews of your products collected from the restaurants that tried them.

Tailor Your Products to Market Expectations
For Food Producers

Connect to 26,385 Restaurants with Rgand Sample Box Marathon

Send Samples

Receive FREE Rgand Sample Boxes for Your Kitchen and Try New Products

Get Samples

The World’s First Fully Automated Product Promotion Solution

The 1st sprint of the Marathon starts with U.S. restaurants in Miami, New York, and Boston. The campaign will last until Rgand servers its 26,385th restaurant.

Who Is Rgand.com?

Rgand.com is the first online marketplace for producers and restaurants to trade directly by eliminating all intermediaries.

Restaurants can try a wide range of high-quality foods and supplies brands. We ship them directly to the restaurant at direct-from-manufacturer prices.

How Does Rgand Sample Box Marathon Work?

Producers send their samples to Rgand Prime Fulfillment Center, and Rgand delivers the Rgand Sample Boxes to registered restaurants. The restaurants will receive Sample Boxes regularly after they review tried samples.

Who Can Participate in Rgand Sample Box Marathon?
  • Producers
  • Farmers
  • Restaurants
  • Cafeteria and Local Food Establishments
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Non-Commercial Foodservice Establishments

Sample Box Marathon FAQs

Producers can register by filling a simple form. Review registration steps for Sample Box Marathon here.

Restaurants can simply fill a form to receive Rgand Sample Box. To continue receiving Sample Boxes regularly, you will need to leave a review for every sample you tried.
Producers can send up to 26,385 product samples to the chefs of the U.S. restaurants to try the distance of a marathon. For every box shipped that includes their sample, they complete one mile of the Marathon. Producers who complete more miles win the Marathon. Rgand is hoping to enable more than one Marathon in the future. Producers who join early have the advantage of reaching more potential buyers.
You ship your samples to our fulfillment center, and we take care of everything else. Learn more about the steps for getting started on Rgand Prime Fulfillment.

Sample Box Marathon’s 1st Sprint will start with three cities in major metropolitan areas: New York City, Miami, Boston. You can select one or more locations to distribute your samples during registration.
There is a small flat fee of $2.49 per restaurant. We only send your sample to the same restaurant once.