Rgand Poised to Cut Middleman From the Restaurant Industry Starts With the World’s First Automated Product Promotion

March 30, 2021

MIAMI, FL — Rgand is launching The World’s First Fully Automated Product Promotion Solution for food producers to increase brand awareness and create direct sales with food service establishments, bypassing distributors.

Rgand, a direct foodservice trade wholesale platform, makes a bold launch with Sample Box Marathon, the race to distribute food samples to 26,385 U.S. food establishments. The new wholesale marketplace revolutionizes the trade between producers and restaurants by eliminating all middlemen. 

Food producers and farmers are vying to be some of the first to get their food samples into free “sample boxes” sent to thousands of restaurants in major U.S. metropolitan areas. The free sample boxes include samples from local and global producers. Once a restaurant receives a box, they need to review its contents on the Rgand platform and can purchase whatever they like with one click.

Rovshan Rasulov, CEO of Rgand, said he was excited to showcase the revolution of direct trade with a Marathon. He said: “The Sample Box Marathon is a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on the food producers across the globe while saving them time and money on promotion and finding new direct buyers.”

“To respond to the devastating effects of COVID on the restaurant and hospitality industries, we built a marketplace to bring food producers and restaurants together, face-to-face, with no intermediaries in-between. On our platform, producers find new business, but in a fun way. The Marathon does just that. Our mission is to send 1 million boxes packed with samples of manufacturers’ own brands to restaurants and enable both sides to trade directly, for the first time ever.”

Food producers keen to increase sales and profits in the almost $1 Trillion U.S. restaurant business should register on Rgand.com to sell directly to end buyers. 

Restaurants should apply to receive free sample boxes. They can purchase products at direct-from-manufacturer prices and receive free delivery.

Source: https://www.businesswire.com/

Olena Danilchenko