Immediate Direct Access to Thousands of Buyers

Join a Special Market that Shakes Up the Wholesales

Selling Through Rgand.com

We bring the buyers directly to your store. U.S. producers can instantly begin operations on our platform. Next day approval for non-U.S. producers.

Register and create your catalog
Send your products to
Rgand fulfillment center
Start counting in direct purchases from the end buyers

You Produce Food. We Produce Your Sales.

Producer Benefits

Fair Earnings

An online marketplace to revolutionize foodservice supply industry

Direct Online Access
Direct Online Access.
Producers will be able to directly connect to the US foodservice industry and trade 7/24 online from anywhere in the world from the Rgand Marketplace without wholesalers or resellers
Brand Visibility
Increase you brand visibility
Rgand eliminates intermediaries between you and the buyers. Buyers choose products from your online catalog. You manage your own pricing, promotions, loyalty program and raise brand value
Your Multichannel Fulfillment Solution Partner
Integrate directly into B2B wholesale customers. Rgand brings you the opportunity to grow with sales in multiple platforms with one warehouse. It also allows you to manage your stock efficiently. You sell it we ship it
Global Marketplace
Global food & supplies marketplace at your fingertips
New buyers around the world starting with the U.S. & Canada. Soon, with Rgand your can be selling in every major country. Every time we open a new country - your market expands
Reduce High Costs of Marketing and Sales Promotions
Rgand aims to replace commercial promotions with more personalized, direct and efficient marketing, thus lowering prices and facilitating direct interaction between manufacturers and consumers. More expensive and ineffective promotions caught by retailers and wholesalers are no longer needed.

Rgand Launch Roadmap

Rgand grows and your business grows with us

Stage 1
flag USA
U.S. - 2021
Stage 2
flag Canada
Canada - 2022
Stage 3
flag EU
E.U. - 2023

Just Pay for the Business We Bring You

No hidden fees or startup costs
Transparent Pricing

An annual payment of platform fee is
$1,199* for Premium Direct Seller
$1,788 for Standard Direct Seller

*Introductory offer, limited time only

Breakthrough For Producers

No Distributors, No More Wholesalers and Broadliners

No More Selling Under Distributor’s Private Label

Your Brand’s High Visibility to Buyers

Connect Easily and Directly to Prospects

Establish Your Own Pricing, Offers, and Loyalty Programs

Frequently Asked Questions by Rgand Sellers

Any producers can sell on Rgand.com after validation and approval by site admins - any producer can besuccessful on our platform. It is built only for actual producers, not distributors.
We are not distributors. You don’t sell to Rgand.com, we don’t sell your products or “whitelabel” them. You sell your products to customers directly on our platform. It’s that simple.
No. Rgand.com is not a buyer, is not a distributor. You sell under your brand directly to end buyers. We will never force you to use our brand name instead of yours.
Start by creating the company and the main user profile. Create a catalog for the items you are selling. Clearly indicate all details for the products you are selling, upload high-resolution images. Update inventory availability for sale regularly. For bulk catalog uploads contact our customer service at producer@rgand.com.
Participation in Rgand.com is available for annually.
Standard Direct Seller - the annual platform fee is $1,788, including a free three (3) months’ trial period, which starts from the moment your goods arrive to Rgand Prime Fulfillment. Commission is 15% of the total amount of orders. RPF fees are calculated and paid separately, based on your volume.
Premium Direct Seller - the annual platform fee is $1,199*, including a free three (3) months’ trial period, which starts from the moment your goods or samples arrive to Rgand Prime Fulfillment. SBM Product promotion: $2.49 per pound. All orders you fulfill on Rgand.com are subject to a 15% commission. RPF fees are calculated and paid separately, based on your volume. *Introductory offer, limited time only
We approve U.S. producers immediately. You can send the first shipment to Rgand fulfillment center on the next day. Your inventory becomes visible and available for order to buyers upon the confirmation of delivery at the Rgand fulfillment center. International producer application is reviewed by our staff within 3 business days to ensure that the producer is able to send its products to the U.S. Upon confirmation, you can start shipping immediately. No need to wait for confirmation to set up your catalog.

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