The Direct Trade Foundation

What is the Direct Trade Foundation?

The Direct Trade Foundation is an innovative initiative designed to transform the foodservice industry by eliminating middlemen and directly connecting producers with restaurants and hotels.

Why was the foundation created?

The foundation was created to help producers with their direct sales into the foodservice supply chain. We support producers, especially those in new technology sectors and startups, by providing comprehensive support, including strategic mentorship, cutting-edge technology, reliable logistics infrastructure, and investments to help producers enter new markets and compete successfully.

What does the foundation offer?

Producers participating in the foundation will receive:

• Training and mentorship in direct sales.
• Access to the Rgand Marketplace platform.
• Tools for automated product promotion.
• Reliable logistics support and order fulfillment.
• Investments to facilitate market entry.

Producer selection and pre-registration

Each year, we will select 50 new producers to join the program. Producers can pre-register to have the opportunity to be part of this revolutionary initiative.

Join us to grow your direct sales without intermediaries!