Participation at Turkey Investment Conference (TAIK) at Mandarin Oriental 24-25 September 2019, New York City

Turkish Exporters to Set Foot On the Rgand Online B2B Marketplace reaching the U.S. Market, directly!

The USUS Restaurant Industry has more than 1.000.000 locations, with 380 Billion USD Supply and 863 Billion Sales has much more space for Turkish Food and HoReCa related manufacturers and producers.

Currently, more than 6.500 Turkish companies are exporting $927 million of food products to the US, the world’s largest food importer with $150 billion annually exports, projected to grow to $2 billion in 2023. The Turkish food sector now has an excellent opportunity to find direct deals with the US Restaurant Industry through Rgand.com.

There are several barriers to the volume trade increase in the foodservice industry. Possibly unknown brand, incorrect pricing policies and many dependencies to distributors and wholesalers are the leading excuses for further figures.

Between Producers and Buyers Ho.Re.Ca industry

Rgand offers a streamlined Global Marketplace as the ultimate enabler of DIRECT TRADE between Producers and Buyers from all over the World, eliminating the wholesalers, distributors, and all kinds of intermediaries.

The format of global trade is changing, as the no-intermediate business models are growing, while the export model is also transforming into a direct-trade model. As the leading example, Rgand Fulfillment Centers serve B2B clients in the HoReCa industry and offer a various range of high quality preserved products in bulk-size packaging.

From anywhere in the world, producers will be able to directly connect to the vast US restaurant industry and trade 24/7 on the Rgand.com, without the participation of wholesalers and intermediaries.

It also includes “Same day fulfillment” through the innovative supply-chain network. Rgand – is a technology company based on the Direct B2B model, offering an online platform that enables producers to sell their products to customers in the US. It solves numerous logistics and transportation problems for Producers in the US.