Rgand Affiliate Partner Program

Let’s Grow Together

Do you want to make money on B2B transactions? Do you buy for restaurant businesses or have friends in catering/ foodservice industry?

Sign up yourself and sign up your friends. You get cashback on their orders and they get savings that are not accessible to regular buyers.

Everybody wins from this great offer - you and your friends.

How It Works

You sign up to be an affiliate and receive your unique code
Spread the word about Rgand Marketplace and pass your promo code to other businesses

Your referrals receive 5% off their first order and 3% off their orders for the first 6 months as New Referrals.

You receive a 2% cash back on all their final purchases for as long as they keep buying.

If you are a buying customer yourself, keep the cash or apply savings to your own orders.

Celebrate It Every Year! You will receive your Referral Anniversary Bonus - 5% off your orders placed on each Anniversary Week

You can be the first in your area. Start earning now.

*Limitations and Conditions Apply